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Jean Philip ChaintreuilFly Fishing Destinations Around the World!

The Fly Fishing "Angler's Concierge" Since 1998

More than 60% of Travel Adventures' Clients Return or Refer!

Representing 48 of the Best Fly Fishing Lodges and Guides in the World.

Travel Adventures represents only the best fly-fishing lodges from of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world.

Over 60 Years of Travel Expertize.

We provide highly personalized service as your Anglers Concierge that cannot be found elsewhere. We are unique because we get to know you on a personal level because of our small group of highly experienced personnel, and most of all, our desire to have you become more than a client, but a long-term friend.

100s of Happy Clients, 1,000s of Unhappy Fish!

Travel Adventures appreciates that your trip is not only a monetary commitment but most of all an investment of valuable time. We simplify the complex process of destination research and travel planning with relentless attention to detail including special needs or requests, specific itinerary, and seasonality, all designed to exceed your expectations.

Travel Adventures provides anglers with the advice that will make certain they have the best fly-fishing vacation possible. We understand that fishing is unpredictable enough without having to worry about whether you have chosen a responsible outfitter, quality fishery, or time of the year. We are thoroughly familiar with travel routes that can take you around the world. We will suggest and plan the very best routing and connections and all the travel details, including extensive pre-trip information, airline and ground transportation, overnight stays at hotels, and advice based on personal experience, because we’ve been to our lodges, usually several times! And, we’ll discuss and recommend all the necessary equipment you will need, including rods, reels, lines, leaders, and flies to insure complete fishing success.

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Our lodges are usually small, elegant and offer GREAT FISHING

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